What is The Rare Roots Project?

At The Rare Roots Project, we’re dedicated to cultivating a community of plant enthusiasts who share a passion for rare and unique plant species. Coming in Summer 2023, our platform will allows users to buy, sell, and trade rare plants or seeds, find and consume educational materials relevant to the subject matter, and connect with local plant enthusiasts and educators in their area. We’re committed to helping our community members grow their knowledge and collection of rare plants while fostering connections that last a lifetime.

Join us in cultivating a world full of rare beauty, one plant at a time.

Buy, Sell, Trade

Our Online Shop will feature various categories of rare plants and seeds that are available for purchase. Users will be able to filter their search based on plant type, price range, and location. Each product listing will include a detailed description of the plant, its origins, care instructions, and photos. Users will also be able to read reviews from other buyers and add items to their cart for checkout.


The Forum will provide users with a platform to communicate with each other, ask questions, share advice, and post photos of their rare plant collections. Users can search for topics of interest or start their own threads, and other members can respond and engage in discussion.

Curated Content and Guest Expert Articles

Our site will feature educational articles, tutorials, plant care tips, and interviews with notable plant enthusiasts. Users can access the blog through the main menu and can also sign up to receive our newsletter to stay updated on upcoming events and newly featured rare plants, cultivating tips & tricks, and guest contributor announcements.


The Events Page will feature a calendar of upcoming plant-related events, such as fairs, exhibitions, and workshops. Users can search for events in their area, tag friends, and plan to attend. The page will also include a section for members to create their own events and invite other members.